Living Nativity


Last week, on December 21, 2010, we put on a Living Nativity at St Aloysius. This was the first Living Nativity I have ever experienced. It started with a question by Fr Clifford… can it be done? And we saw an overwhelming expression of support.


It became a beautiful opportunity to share the Light and hope  we believe in with others. It was simple and yet powerful. It was about letting others know there was hope. That the Light is with us even on the longest night of the year.


Even as the darkness fell, the warm glow of the spotlights on the re-enactors and the festive music and the proclamation of the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, really made the space we know as St Aloysius a welcoming place. A place to come in out of the cold night.


There were moments of light all around us. From Steve’s dog laying quietly at Hilary, Nikki and Kathryn’s feet to the joy and participation of so many.


What moments of light do you see? Leave a comment. If you saw or were part of our Living Nativity share what you experienced. No matter how small…even if it is only one word. That word might just become a light that will add to the sum of light that is all around us and growing.