“The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest mud” – Buddhist Proverb

The height of the summer brings the blooming of the lotus. We are blessed here in Washington DC to have the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens where the lotus and waterlilies bloom each year.

The warm days of summer bring the lotus and waterlilies in all their colors and forms. I love the Nelumbo Lotus or Indian Lotus or Sacred Lotus. It’s big leaves provide a canvas for the shadows to dance.  It performs a shadow play that tells a story of life and endurance.

Lotus Leaves

It’s blooms are bold and dynamic; symbols of purity of the mind, body and speech.

Pink Lotus

The lotus grows in the muddy waters, their blooms rise through the muck and mud. They rise above the attachments of this world. Can we image a world where we allow our speech to be pure and unfettered by the mucky waters we find ourselves?

In the bright sun, they glow. Sharing their beauty confidently.  Wanting to be seen.

Pink Nelumbo Lotus

So many lessons to learn from the lotus.

We can rise above the mucky waters of this world

in our thoughts,
in our bodies
and in our speech.

We can be bold!

We can be useful!

We can be Beautiful!

Nelumbo Loti

Nelumbo Lotus

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Nelumbo Lotus among the grasses

The lotus begins in the darkness of the pond and slowly rises towards the light to bloom into the beauty of the summer day. Could each of us rise from our darkened world of mud and muck, to bloom boldly into a beacon of beauty. A symbol of grace to others that they too can rise and grow towards the light.

There are so many challenges in our world today. So many hurting souls. The weight of the surrounding darkness is heavy and hard to put down. But I challenge you to look towards the light. Turn your attention there. Grow upward to it’s brightness. Journey towards enlightenment and understanding. Then we will bloom, then we will be revived. Our hearts will unfold and open to the bright beauty around us, where we will experience grace.

The Power of Grace by Jason Silva