The hum of the bees happily drinking the sweet nectar of the lavender fills my ears. It is Friday morning, and I am at Soleado Lavender Farm in Dickerson, Maryland. Sophia—the owner of the farm—is a gracious host, sharing with us the love of her farm and the beauty she creates on it. The friendliness and warmth that greets you when you arrive at Soleado Lavender Farm are as refreshing and soothing as the sweet scent of lavender in the air.three butterflies on white lavender

Purple and white…delicate… fragrant and calming…it seems even the bees and butterflies are friendly as they go about their work.

purple lavender flowers in front of white lavender

The sun above shines as bright and warm as the humans, and the bees labor among the fragrant flowers. There are families, couples, and lovers of nature, all gathered together to enjoy the open fields. Each had their own story. Their own journey that had brought them to the farm on this bright Friday morning. And yet, just like the bees and butterflies, they respected each other’s space as they worked side by side.

We were no strangers to hard work on this particular early-summer morning. We each came with our own tasks to carry out. Creating art, gathering medicine, creating a gift for our mother or girlfriend, or creating honey. It didn’t matter what our intent was, in this space, in these open fields, we were all journeying the same path to our goals.

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bee on white lavender flower

Life is like that at times…short stretches of months or years where we travel together. Sharing both the beauty and the labor of life. Can we walk with each other for a time, knowing that our destinations are diverse, without expecting to change our fellow laborer’s path? Or do we try to change our neighbor’s destination because we don’t understand or cannot see where their pathway leads?


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As our companions on this day—the bees and butterflies—taught us, we are all journeying towards our home, working busily on our own tasks, but we must still respect each other and enjoy the beauty along the way.

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