Sign of Faith


On Christmas Eve,  I came back from lunch to find a female cardinal stunned at the 19 Eye Street door of the church. For some reason this holiday has been a tough one for me. I can’t quite put a finger on what is bothering me. Maybe it is the thought that there might not be many more opportunities to get our efforts to the excellence I think they can go. As we tried one more year to create a prayerful, meaningful Christmas Liturgical season, our small failures of communication nagged at me all weekend.
Maybe it was because of my own personal uncertainty of my future. In one years time will I have a job … Will I have any of my savings left? Am I making wise decisions right now? Or squandering these precious moments on something that potentially could lead me no where.
That brings us back to the cardinal. I searched Google for what  a cardinal meant  and it said it symbolized faith. Faith that the winter will end and spring will come again. Perhaps my faith has just been stunned like this bird on Christmas Eve. And slowly I am coming back out of my stunned faith to re embrace the belief that like the red cardinal we are all covered by the Blood of the One who died for us.