Ornate or Craftmanship



It was mentioned to me that the upper church was too ornate. The comment made me look around the upper church. I remember when it was renovated.  I went up there and I watched for quite a while as a craftman hand applied gold leaf to the wall below the stations.  It brought to mind the hours I spent in the darkroom creating photographs for my clients.


What lies in the mind of the craftman as he meticulously applies his craft? I have always marveled at the care a craftsman has as he applies his craft…the more complex, the more amazing.


But what role does intent play in the creation of art?


Can we judge art only by whether it is technically good or whether it is liked? Or can it be important to get inside the mind of the artist, and in turn examine our own experiences to the art? I might not like a piece of art but I always respect the effort and time that went into it. So the eyes in which I look at the art in the upper church are the eyes that sees the craftsman’s careful attention to his craft.


What do you see when you look around? Leave a comment about how it makes you feel, what memories it brings to mind.