It seems like I can’t stop creating. I tend to see the world as possibilities and this time it’s no different. I’m excited to announce Lisakoubou new Etsy Store its now open.

Lisakoubou new Etsy Store.

This has been a long process for me. In 2008, I started creating products on Zazzle. The Zazzle platform gave me a way to test out my designs. But I’ve always wanted to be more connected to the actual process of creating something. I am amazed and inspired by handmade artists and I have always enjoyed the process of making things.

So after a lot of research and craft shows and bazaars, I’ve decided to open Lisakoubou on Etsy. I’ve decided to create limited edition runs of my photo notecards. These cards are perfect for sending thank you or encouragement notes to your family and friends.

It took time to work out how I wanted to run my Etsy store. What product should I offer? How much to sell it for? Who is my target audience and how can I reach them?

I have to be honest the last question’s answer eludes me a bit. It’s as if the answer is right there but not sure I can fully reach it. I guess that is where the courage of creating something becomes fully real.

Some of my friends and fellow artists tell me that it’s not worth opening multiple locations online for your products. But I disagree. Each location has its advantages and disadvantage. My goal is to play to the advantages of the platform and use other platforms to fill the gaps in the first platform. So Zazzle is an on-demand platform. It’s great for creating designs and testing them out. But you don’t have a lot of control on product specs. You are limited to the product choices Zazzle has made in size and medium. You also only get a royalty for the product you created.

On Etsy, you have full control of the specs of your product, and Etsy is the one who takes a commission while you as the artist gets the rest. On Etsy, you also pay for each listing and the listing is good for 4 months then you need to renew. This is so that Etsy can keep the products on their site fresh and new.

It is because of this that I have decided to do limited runs of my cards. That way my inventory will remain low and keep a fresh approach to the shop. My goal is to rotate out notecard series where my customers can buy individual cards or a pack of 10 cards from the series.

Of course, the best location is your website. I will continue to have my cards available in Evening Shire and on my Lisakoubou website.

But why go to all this work? Is it worth it?

One reason is that I want to meet my clients where they are most comfortable. That can be Zazzle, Etsy, Evening Shire, my website, or my social media.

I am working hard to share who I am and what I am creating on all my platforms because I know I resonate more with creators who share their stories. There is nothing more frustrating to me than a shop with nothing about who the creator is. Our purchasing decisions are emotional. We like to convince ourselves otherwise but all the research tells us that it is not our logical brain that makes buying decisions. So telling your story on your shop page is important.

So I invite you to visit Lisakoubou new Etsy Store and share it with someone you believe will enjoy it.

Also, visit the Evening Shire Pinterest page and give some feedback on new card designs by pinning which designs you like the best. I’ll be choosing my next Etsy drop of products from what my fans decide they like.