Welcome to the “In Between”


For the next year, I will use photography and this blog to explore the idea of the “In Between” Moments in life…to become aware of the weightless moment from decision to reality. The moment  when you lift your foot to take a step of Faith and the moment your foot comes to rest.


I hope to explore this idea of “In Between” by creating images that show the details I see and experience from week to week at St Aloysius church in Washington DC from Advent 2010 to Advent 2011. A hand resting on a pew…  hands raised in prayer… the space between the baptized body of Christ …  particles of light … and details of the physical structure  we call church … home … are just some of the images I hope to  observe, record and share.


As we begin Advent, we enter into one of the many “In Between” moments in the life of the Church … the time  of preparation for Christmas. Advent looks at what was and what is to come  to help us focus on the right now. May I experience these moments of Faith  in full awareness and maybe encourage others to experience them as well …. to recognize the blessings that present themselves in this waiting moment pregnant with expectation and preparation.


Today I begin the journey and invite you my readers to join me.  It will only be through your input and ideas that this journey will be meaningful. So I encourage you to join the conversation. All perspectives are welcome.


All thoughts are solely my own and are not those of St Aloysius nor the Archdiocese of Washington DC. All comments posted with cursing or bullying or that close down open conversation will not be posted. All photos are @ Lisa Missenda all rights reserved.