Pilgrim's Walk



What do you think about as you get out of your car , or get off the bus or metro or park your bike today?  As you head to wherever you are going today?


Are you thinking about all that needs to get done today….this week? This holiday season?


Are you thinking about what happened this morning as you got ready? How you are got your family ready? What you choose to wear?  What you  eat for breakfast?


Are you thinking about what happened last night? Last weekend? Last year? 10 years ago?


My head is filled with “Things to do”. The next few weeks will be flying by with activity and just plain survival.


I am reminded this morning to Rejoice In this moment. Each step…. each breath…. In the rain that fell this morning… There will not be one exactly like it.


If this has inspired you feel free to share your thoughts below.