What is a spot of beauty worth?

For me it is beyond value. I guess another question for me is… how much am I willing to give to make beauty the priority in my life? I do it all the time.

  • When I get up before dawn to capture a sunrise.
  • When I hike in the hot sun or freezing rain to find something of beauty to photograph.
  • When I see a creator who has created something beautiful, I love to share it, support it, encourage it.
  • When I share my resources with another creator.

I would love to spend my days searching for the beauty in this world and sharing it. And that is why I joined Patreon.

Sometimes we get so weighted down with the conflict and the pain we see in our media. But I know that there is beauty everywhere. What am I  willing to invest to see it? To celebrate it? To share it?

I would be so honored if you could join me in my quest to share a spot of beauty with a world in so much pain.

Here are 5 spots of beauty on this holiday weekend.

Join my patrons as we bring a little more light and beauty to our world.

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