I was looking for some springtime flowers to photograph. One of my favorite flower farms highlighted the flowers from 3 Porch Farm from Georgia; a Certified Naturally Grown farm specialized in providing the most sustainable flowers for shipping in the U.S.. They had a number of blooms available but the Icelandic Poppies could not be ignored.

They arrived with many cracked buds and a few blooms. We put them into water right away and within minutes a number of blooms opened. By the end of the day, 10 blooms were fully opened. By the next day, the vase was a blaze with blooms. The blooms have so far lasted for more than 5 days and they look as fresh as when we first received them.

I couldn’t resist photographing these beauties.

About Icelandic Poppies

Icelandic poppies, known scientifically as Papaver nudicaule, stand out in any garden with their delicate, tissue-paper-like petals that sway gently in the breeze. Their blooms, ranging in color from the softest whites and yellows to the most vivid oranges and reds, are a beacon of brightness. Each flower, perched atop a slender, flexible stem. Not only are these poppies mesmerizing to look at, but they also have a subtle yet delightful fragrance, adding a sensory layer to their allure. Thriving in cooler climates, they bring a splash of color to the early summer garden, reminding us of the fleeting beauty of nature.