Artist Statement

Visual Harmony

The images of Visual Harmony represent part 2 of a 3 part series. The first part explored the rhythms I found in nature in a dance of color and patterns. Part 2 are an exploration of rhythm and harmony as they blend into one another. Visual Harmony is the celebration of the natural world that sings the music heard when we really look at the glory of the textures and colors around us. It is opposites creating harmony.

Each image is made as a multiple exposure then layered with a black and white negative. They were then hand printed on Ilfochrome paper.

The process is similiar to composing a song on a guitar. From rhythm to chords to melody, the organic nature of the creation from the heart through the fingers to the guitar or printed surface speak of our potential to create beauty.


Visual Rhythms

I’m pulled by the rhythms I see in nature. Photographing nature becomes like a whirling dervish turning. I get lost in its fullness. The shapes, colors and patterns speak to me of an unseen hand at work. For years, I labored to communicate this visual music in my photography but failed. The conventional nature photography concepts I learned in school failed to reach the emotional expression I was searching for in my images. Like the French Impressionist, I was mesmerized by the way light played upon the flora and fauna of the natural world around me.

This journey of mine brought me to a place where I could let go and allow an unseen hand to guide my own. I focused on light, patterns, and color, and tapped into the rhythmic part of myself to express my photographic vision of nature. The results are a surprising and inspiring partnership with the dance of nature’s light and rhythm.