Lisa Missenda - Photographer and Graphic Designer

With a lifetime of experience working in the creative industry, my passion is helping others craft an authentic and compelling brand that helps them reach their own creative potential. Through my 25 years of experience as a photographer and my ten years working in design and branding, I bring your story and vision to life through clean, carefully crafted, on-message branding, photography, videos and websites.

Whether you’re a musician, a photographer or a non-profit, storytelling is the foundation of creating a brand that speaks to the hearts and minds of your audience. I act as the storyteller for your brand. I provide a full-service experience that creates fans through strong branding, promotional design, custom photography, live event photography, and social media account management. I tell your unique story, communicate your vision and values, and reveal to your fans the passion behind what you do.

As a musician myself, I understand that fans are what keep that creative spark alive. Whether it’s album art, posters, flyers, or a website, my focus is helping you to connect on an authentic level with as many people as possible. My extensive experience in the photographic industry combined with design qualifications (Adobe Certified Expert), years of design industry experience, and my expertise in working with a number of web CMS systems (wix, wordpress, drupal, joomla), allows me to work with creatives and techies alike to build compelling, connected brands that help them reach their creative potential.

I have also worked with non-profits—an industry that depends on passion and connecting individual hearts and minds to make a combined impact on the world. If you have a cause that you need help with, get in touch. I recently provided a wide range of services to Youth Popular Culture, Inc. to help them achieve their goals.

“I couldn’t be happier with the work I received over the last 12 months from Lisa Missenda Photography. When I was looking around for a solid web and graphic designer for a Youth Prevention Project for website development and social media campaigns in Washington, DC, I wanted to be sure that I found a designer who brought  passion and the quick skills to back it up. That’s just what Lisa brings to her projects. From working to create the right URL, to selecting a web services company, her insight and follow-ups saved me time and most of all money. Her rates where always reasonable and detailed proposals and invoices are appreciated. Lisa Missenda Photography is amazing. Lisa is always creative, quick and so much fun to work with, I highly recommend her for any digital business in today fast pace “All Things Internet”. Billo Harper , Executive Designer and Digital Producer for Youth Popular Culture, Inc.

I look forward to helping you achieve your potential and watching your business thrive.

5 Things to Know About Me

1. I am a Photographer.

I started my career as a custom Ilfochrome printer in the Washington DC area. I have experience with film – black and white, color transparency and color negative, from 35mm to 8×10. I love exploring the digital photographic process and learning new techniques everyday. Photography is a important part of who I am and how I express myself.

As the photographic film industry began to change, I taught myself graphic design and digital photography. I have worked for non profits and musicians. I love focusing on how to make a design better. Playing with contrast, color and type to achieve a harmony in every design.

34 websites on three different CMS platforms (Drupal, Joomla and WordPress) and HTML sites, just a taste of the extent of the experience I have with websites. I love the challenge of designing websites and creating the code to make the website look how my clients want. I have experience problem solving wordpress sites and finding solutions to my clients’ website issues.

Whether it is an album cover, a website, or a live performance, I love it. Today’s artist need content like never before. That is where I can help. I can create a video of your concert, promotional photos or social media content.  Never underestimate your need in today’s world for fresh content. Let me help you! My greatest joy is to help you share your creative expressions.

Every month, I go out and photograph in nature. It is a special time for me when I feel very close to my Creator. You can see my photos by becoming a patron of my patreon project on