GiantsSo what do you do when once again the giant is pushing you around? What is the voice of truth really saying? That this is finished?

Or is it saying STAND UP!


Sometimes it feels like it’s all too late. Some warnings were not taken seriously. Even if the warnings were heeded…. life and survival intervened.


“But the voice of truth tells me a different story. The voice of truth says do not be afraid. The voice of truth says This is for My Glory.”


I want to believe! When logic tells me I am a fool for standing for the people at St ALS , I am reminded that we are the “Least of These”. We have the wounded and the weary…the broken and hardheaded…those with great talent and no self esteem… Mental illness, emotional damage … Abuse… the distracted…The hungry for food and hungry for spiritual bread…Imprisoned by our life experiences with unreasonable bosses, unemployement and under employement. Unfulfilled dreams…dependency and addictions. These are what make up the core of St ALS. It is what makes it frustrating to serve here. But also what makes it imperative to minister here. This is the core that will be swallowed up and lost in many other parishes. Lost to the body of Christ. They make St ALS unpolished and frustrating…chaotic and scattered … and rutterless at times. It is a truth that these are the Least of These that we minister to weekly. It is also what makes St Al’s something to Stand up for right now.


Foolhardy to believe … Probably… So was David. A boy with a sling and a stone. But the stone was just the right size to put the Giant on the ground. I will choose to listen and believe to the voice of truth because this is for His Glory not ours.

( inspired by the song “Voice of Truth” by Casting Crowns and “Help me to Believe” by Kirk Franklin and “Giants” by Donald Lawrence.)