As the afternoon sun cast its golden hues upon the arctic-like landscape, I headed out on a brisk photo trip to Accokeek’s Colonial Farm, a hidden gem nestled in the embrace of winter’s chilly grasp. The air crackled with the crispness that only a cold day can bring, and high in the trees the wind blew strong off the Potomac River. .

The setting was a winter wonderland, adorned in a fresh coat of snow bestowed upon the earth just the day before. Each step I took left a satisfying crunch beneath my boots, as the powdery snow cradled the memories of the recent storm. The colonial farm, normally a place of rustic charm, now wore a majestic cloak of white, transforming its rustic features into a picturesque scene. The high winds carried with them a melody of rustling leaves and creaking branches, harmonizing with the distant calls of the geese who flew over head. 

I wandered through the farm’s pathways, each step unveiling a new tableau of winter enchantment. The colonial structures stood proudly against the backdrop of snow-covered fields, their timeworn charm accentuated by the pure, untouched blanket that adorned the surroundings. 

As I framed each shot, the interplay of shadows and light created a mesmerizing dance on the snowy canvas. The tangle of branches created patterns and shapes against a blue sky and white snow. 

In the distance, the Potomac River flowed with a bold determination, its icy edges reflecting the winter sun like shards of crystal. The landscape, a blend of history and nature’s artistry, whispered tales of days gone by.

It has been a while since my regular visits to the farm. They have a number of new projects in preparation for spring. It was a great afternoon despite the cold wind that cut through every layer of clothing I wore. And I loved getting out and creating new images.