Why bother, right? No one sends cards anymore. Here are some reasons that sending a card can put you in the Holiday spirit.


5. Receiving a card in the mail can  make a bad day better



4. A beautiful card can be framed and decorate a wall so your loved one receives 2 gifts from you



3. A card can bring your loved one to places they have never been or remind them of a place they once were



2.Receiving a card in the mail reminds your loved one that they are not alone and that someone is thinking about them



1. Sharing a card with someone makes you feel great


So start sending out those cards and be different and creative. I have a number of cards at Lisa’s Koubou if you need something for your family or friends or coworkers.


We have a 50% off cards until Sunday Night December 1, 2013. The coupon code is SUPERWEEKEND